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  1. Not sure if/when I’ll leave the bird site, but just in case, you can find me on the elephant site, among others: 🐘 🎮 MinaMarkham#8563 🧁 You can find my tweets archived at
  2. Sometimes I wonder if my expectations are misaligned, or if everything is indeed bullshit. I’m leaning towards the latter.
  3. You ever wanted to fight JavaScript?
  4. Of course I’m going.
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  5. All I’m saying is, the Oscars try to play Angela like the Grammys keep playing Beyoncé, it’s on sight.
  6. I’ve watched every season of Grey’s Anatomy. I would now like to be called Dr. Mina. abbyvesoulis/1620930207812325376
  7. Today I saw a male therapist for the first time in years and I remember why I stopped. Only Black women in my head pls.
  8. Beyoncé and Black Panther. Happy Black History Month y’all.
  9. Nobody talk to me. I’ll be on Disney+ watching M’Baku say “you bald-headed demon” over and over again 😂😂😂
  10. Doctor: “Do you use marijuana?” Me: “Yes.” Doctor: “Oh medicinally? For pain?” Me: “…sure.”
  11. Genovia. Obviously. claumnzzz/1616889411563577345
  12. Tech Lead is an EM without direct reports. According to me. javavvitch/1619390419053445122
  13. I used to think my ADHD symptoms were getting worse, but now I think I’ve just stopped masking.
  14. I’m blocking anyone who puts that video on my timeline.
  15. New rule: if the wait time is longer than the appointment, it’s free. And if that appointment could’ve been done via video, the next one is too.
  16. OKR. All I can hear is Cardi B. tedwards947/1617586906249953281
  17. I stay up all night cause I can’t sleep, and then I drink caffeine to get through the day, and then I stay up all night cause I can’t sleep. I think I need a factory reset.
  18. Alright. Which one of you filled out my contact form as Beyoncé? 🧐🤨😆
  19. Ugh. I thought I messed up the OG image for my site, but no. Turns out that’s just another thing that doesn’t work on Twitter anymore.
  20. Because of *gestures wildly around* it seems like a good time to update my website. So I did. Go look at it: Bonus points of you find my Beyoncé Easter eggs.
  21. I wanna open a farm-to-joint cannabis service. annaecook/1617248444325986304
  22. I’ll do you one better: I used to design those awful ads. LeArielleSimone/1617379800007442434
  23. “The autoimmune disease you’ve had since you were ten years old would go away if you weren’t so fat.” ORLY? Imani_Barbarin/1616505921223462937
  24. Nah cause too many of my friends are losing their jobs.
  25. GalaxyQuest and Cabin in the Woods. NatTowsen/1615811466887630859
  26. Just know that managing me means putting up with this.
    Slack message from Mina reads: “Did you cancel our 1:1? Just say you hate me.”
  27. Omg it stopped raining ☔️
  28. Yep. It’s still raining.
  29. Why does Twitter have a FYP? I hate it.
  30. Finally watched season one of Bridgerton and it was such a poorly disguised soft porn. But I liked it tho 😏
  31. Who could have predicted that when you vote in a bunch of extremists they would do extremists things?
  32. The way this has been in my head for days. DAYS. shanselman/1611449698103234561
  33. Why is Jay-Z a stand-alone point??? I can’t stand y’all 🤣🤣🤣 kotaaink/1610720701563936768
  34. JFC just elect Jeffries and get on with it. The hubris and entitlement of white men never ceases to astound me. RitchieTorres/1611087537354977281
  35. Republicans finally have the chance to redo an election over and over again and they still can’t get it “right.”
  36. Not a single one of these AI filters make a portrait that looks like me. I’m beginning to think I have no idea what I look like.
  37. Yep. It’s still raining. If anyone sees an old man gathering two of every animal, please let me know.
  38. Me: “I’d *love* to see someone deal with the pain I live with everyday.” Also me: “That was kinda sadistic wasn’t it?” Therapist: “I picked up on that, but we’re just gonna move past it for now.”