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  1. Not matter the outcome, I will be forever disgusted at how many people, after everything, are still voting for him.
  2. I just saw someone refer to mansplaining as “correctile dysfunction” and I am deceased 💀
  3. The only people who seem to know how old millennials are, are millennials. Boomers think we’re still in college, and Gen Z thinks we belong in a nursing home.
  4. Anyone else feel like they’re being gaslit into thinking the pandemic is over? I mean, COVID is still out there right? It didn’t vanish overnight, right?
  5. If this really is the end, let’s go out in style. You know the rule.
  6. Breaking my Twitter silence to share this: There are kids and families writing thank you notes in front of Hillary HQ. 😭❤️
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  7. This holiday season: ✅ Install VPN ✅ Enable full-disk encryption ✅ Download Signal ✅ Two-factor all the things ✅ Delete old wifi networks
  8. Never surprised. Always disappointed.
  9. I built Hillary Clinton's design system and wrote a thing about it. medium.com/git-out-the-vote/pantsuit-the-hillary-clinton-ui-pattern-library-238e9bf06b54#.c6rnwv18f
  10. Protect Paul Rudd at all costs.
  11. There’s not a single point in this video where I correctly anticipated what happened next. AbortAbort_/1250465368344350722
  12. CDC: “Wash your hands and don’t touch your face.” People: “I’m buying ALL THE MASKS.” CDC: “Masks don’t help. Just wash your hands.” People: “No more Chinese food!” CDC: “What? No. Are you even lis–“ People: “NEED MORE TOILET PAPER.”
  13. Happy Easter to almost everyone*! *Not Mitch McConnell. I hope he steps on a Lego.
  14. No, we’re not. We just don’t have the luxury of thinking someone else will save us. micfeel__/1267711393521897472
  15. Dress for the job you want. bfeinzimer/1267959482060926976
  16. Hi, I’m a staff engineer. You might know me from my bangers “let’s look for the root cause”, “scope is getting out of hand,” and the chart-topping “we need better documentation.” nmsanchez/1233450407877210112
  17. So, uh, is anyone still quarantining at the same level as March? Cause last I checked, it hasn’t gotten any better out there, but people are getting a little too lax for me.
  18. I’ve been coding for many years now, and I still need to Google “how to undo last commit.”
  19. A bit of personal / professional news: YA GIRL GOT PROMOTED! Say hello to SlackHQ’s newest Staff Engineer!